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The Lido: a legendary beauty

Like every magic place, also Pizzomunno Beach is the setting of an ancient love tale.

The natural charm of Pizzomunno Beach is surrounded by a legendary halo because of the story, handed down by the inhabitants, about the white rock standing before it.

The legend narrates that, when Vieste was only a village of fishermen, a tall and strong fisherman, named Pizzomunno, in love with Cristalda, a girl with long coloured hair, lived there.

The two young people loved each other and nothing could separate them. Every day Pizzomunno ploughed the sea in his boat and the sirens always surfaced from the sea waves to sing sweet songs in honour of the fisherman.

Charmed by Pizzomunno, they offered him immortality if he had accepted to become their king and lover. But Pizzomunno refused not to be unfaithful to Cristalda, with whom he was deeply in love.

One evening the two lovers, awaiting the night, were on the islet opposite the coast. The sirens, mad with jealousy, attacked Cristalda and carried her to the bottom of the sea.

Pizzomunno ran after his lover´s voice in the sea whirlpools in vain... He was petrified because of his deep regret and became the white rock still bearing his name.

According to the legend, every a hundred years, beautiful Cristalda surfaces again from the depths to reach her young lover and relive her ancient love for a night.

Still today, looking at the white huge rock, everybody recollects the story of the two lovers, hoping to be present one night at Cristalda´s magical return.

The charm of that place is, however, unchanged; the guest can enjoy a comfortable beach, absorbed in the colours of wellbeing: the white of the limestone, the green of the trees at the back, the intense blue of the sea, the gold of the beach.

Moreover the lido is supplied with so many facilities, as the fast shuttle leading directly to the private beach and the harbour. Tenders and motorboats leave from here to disclose to the guests the fascination of the Gargano coastline with its attractive sea caves and the crystal sea.

The bar service is well organized too.

Hotel Degli Aranci Vieste