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Gargano is worth a holiday

Via sacra dei logobardi

A sea environment still uncontaminated, a hinterland rich in natural resources, medieval villages and small towns rich in history, art, culture and spirituality make Gargano the main tourist attraction of Apulia. Gargano seems to be made by a countryside God, who feeling like working wonders, enjoyed himself with a magic touch in distributing, over the promontory, games of colours, lights and aromas. And it is the sensation of the magic that strikes at once the visitor to Gargano.

There are long beaches washed by the light blue sea, pinewoods stretching forward as far as cliffs cut by the wind and as far as the sea, colouring the waters with incredible emerald reflections, whereas the sea scent mixes up with the scent of the pines, of the wild flowers and those with the scents of rosemary, juniper and mint.

The visitor discovers charming nature sights: beautiful sunsets, fabulous dawns, wonderful and famous sea caves, vertical rocks, views of long bays of golden beaches with very fine sand, while in the heart of Gargano he/she finds an alpine landscape: woods of beeches, birches, ash-trees, chestnut-trees, ilexes and maples.

Gargano flora, instead, is rich in over 2000 species, so that its territory is also know as “Botanical Garden”, whereas its fauna is very interesting above all in the Umbra Forest and in the other woods. That matchless landscape makes holidays various and pleasant: from sun and sea bathing to nautical and sports activities, from artistic, cultural and gastronomic itineraries to religious and folklore feasts.


La costa e le Isole Tremiti

Vieste, perched on a rock stretching upon the sea, stands on the extreme point of promontory of Gargano.

It can be considered as its tourist capital and is situated at the centre of a wonderful coast district with some of the most charming views in the Mediterranean: from wide and long beaches whit white sand to the high coast whit white cliffs shaded by Aleppo pines, clung in the limestone gorges, here and there cut by small inlets with small white and pebbly beaches,where elsewhere the sea erosion has formed picturesque caves; everything is surrounded by slight slopes covered with pines, olive-trees and by the light blue sea.

The main architectural attraction in Vieste is its Medieval Village, rich in quaint premises, small shops and Gargano handcraft shops, very little streets flights of steps and buildings built with the quaint local stone.

At the centre of the Medieval Village you can see: the Castle, compass-card shaped, the Cathedral whose bell-tower can be seen from the sea, the Malacology Museum and the “Trabucco”, an old and monumental structure made up with wood poles and nets, still used for fishing. From the Old Village People can admire the famous monolith, Pizzomunno, 20 metres high, protagonist of a tender love legend.

Gargano National Park and "Green Holiday"

Nel cuore del Parco Nazionale del Gargano

Gargano National Park has recently been established. Its territory includes: the coast lakes of Lesina and Varano, the Siponto marshes, the Archipelago of the Tremiti Islands (true and last sea paradise in the Adriatic sea), and the promontory of Gargano.

There is also the Umbra Forest with its stately beech, lime, ilex, hornbeam and elm trees, the numerous underwood species: cyclamens, violets, hollies, maybush; the presence of the orchids is remarkable (there are 65 species) and it is a very interesting place for outings and naturalistic excursions (walking in the woods,trekking and mountainbiking).

Those itineraries can be meant as a complement to the seaside holiday or as a true “green holiday” to discover Gargano not only for its sea, but also for its nature.

Hotel Degli Aranci Vieste