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From Vieste to ... other Gargano paradises

Delicious dishes for slow food lovers, taking a walk in unspoilt naturalistic areas, trips by boat or catamaran to discover the Gargano coast, spiritual routes to sanctuaries and churches, ever pilgrimage destination. A holiday in Gargano includes so many kinds of holidays, rich in flavour for everybody`s taste.

The sedentary and relaxing holiday lover will find, at Vieste, all that he needs to be restored and happy at the departure.

On the contrary the holiday-maker who prefers to explore the territory will make plenty of unforgettable excursions in Gargano,

The Gargano holiday-maker has a wide range of excursions. Letīs try to sum up for subject:

Gastronomic itinerary

Gargano is rich in gastronomic traditions, flourished during the centuries owing to the fertile soil and the mild climate. The olive oil is well known, it is the Gargano green gold, virtually linking the promontory small towns: from San Nicandro to Mattinata, from Carpino to San Giovanni Rotondo.

Daunia, ancient name of this land, was famous for its wheat in ancient times and thatīs why here the bakers are quite capable in baking, using varied forms and tastes still today. The kinds of bread made at Monte S. Angelo, Lucera and SantīAgata di Puglia are well known.

Among the Gargano delicacies we can mention the Caciocavallo Podolico, a kind of seasoned cheese named after the podolica cow, bred in a little number on the Gargano pastures.

It is right to accompany such delicacies with dense and flavoured wines, due to vines grown on a peculiar limestone soil.

It is possible, however, to buy those precious products in the numerous artisan little shops at Vieste, also as a Gargano souvenir for the family.


Religious itinerary

If you want to link a holiday in Gargano to a route enriching you even spiritually, your interest can be aroused by a lot of places.

Actually every year millions of pilgrims cover the faith roads towards the old and new cult places, present in the Gargano land. Among the best known, the Shrine of Madonna Incoronata at Foggia, San Leonardo at Manfredonia, the Cave of the Archangel Michael at Monte SantīAngelo, the shrines of Santa Maria di Stignano and San Matteo at San Marco in Lamis.

The Shrine of San Pio at San Giovanni Rotondo is famous all over the world. In that small town all over the year, people experience and celebrate beloved Padre Pioīs cult together with the believers coming from every part of the world. All together, the above shrines characterize the famous "Via Sacra Langobardorum", also known as "Via Francesca".


Naturalistic itinerary/sea

You can leave from Vieste for excursions towards other characteristic sea destinations.

You can choose to board a catamaran towards the charming Tremiti Islands and, after an hour, enjoy the sight of these jewels of the Apulian sea, now promoted by the Natural Park.

You can opt to make a visit to the so many attractive caves scattered along the Gargano coast, particularly, in the stretch including Peschici, Vieste and Mattinata. The fanciful names of the caves are already a curiosity ingredient urging you to visit them ...

Very near Vieste, at Testa del Gargano, there is the well-known Cave with Architiello San Felice (immortalized by a renowned TV advertisement); before arriving at Pugnochiuso you can admire:

  • Grotta Calda (Warm Cave)
  • Grotta Sfondata Grande (Big Topless Cave)
  • Grotta dei Marmi (Marble Cave)
  • Grotta Due Porte (Two Doors Cave)
  • Grotta Sfondata Piccola (Little Topless Cave)

and, further on, other caves having unbelievable names such as Grotta Bucata Merlata (Embattled Cave with Holes) and Grotta del Serpente (Cave of the Snake).

Moreover by sea you can visit other Gargano resorts as Peschici, Pugnochiuso, Rodi Garganico, or look closely at one of the famous Trabucchi, picturesque fishing machinery, still working, based on fishermenīs ability to know and take advantage of sea currents.


Naturalistic itinerary/land

Gargano is nature, above all.

If you leave the sea and have a look at the hinterland, there are varied chances of walking in naturalistic environments.

Walking in the Gargano National Park, established some years ago, is a very good chance to appreciate the beauty of Gargano scenery.

Please donīt miss the Umbra Forest, by mountain bike too.

From sea level you can arrive at over a thousand metres, passing from young trees to "monuments" of hundreds of years, as a seven hundred year-old Aleppo Pine or the four hundred year-old Vico Oak (with a circumference of over 5 metres) in front of the Franciscan sanctuary at Vico. Or the Forest Colossus, a beech that vegetates near the small lake of Cutino dīUmbra and is over 40 metres high.

You will be surprised by the sight of wide beech woods, unusual at this latitude, whose growth is encouraged by cool microclimate.

This area is among the first in Europe and all over the Mediterranean for flower resources: actually there are 56 species and a lot of varieties of spontaneous orchids here.

Another noteworthy attractive area is the Pre-Apennine, a charming world of towered countries, one after another, like sentries mounting guard to the boundaries of this province, spaced by huge mounts.

Hotel Degli Aranci Vieste

Here are some of the most typical itineraries in our territory..

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The coast and the Tremiti Islands
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